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Mystery Solved.

Posted by on December 16, 2002

Josh Pelham plays for the Lakers I think. Probably not the same Josh Pelham though. Because mine was only my height (though I am tall, like to wear shorts, hookhookdunkdunk and could play in the NBA). He was such a sweet little felon. He used to steal cologne and wear it for me. Every day he smelled like a different person.

Where are you now, Josh Pelham? Are you in jail? Are you an investment banker? Do you still wear flannel every day and steal Whitney Houston tapes from Tower? Once you gave me a valentine with a promise to rock my world, but you never did rock my world, Josh Pelham. You disappeared in a cloud of petty larceny and left my world still solid on its fulcrum, and I went off with someone else to learn how to kiss with tongue. You betrayed your promise to me long before I betrayed you with the Lad. You really had it coming, Josh Pelham. You should have followed through.

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