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My teacher said “staid” and I love her.

Posted by on December 5, 2002

Raise your hand if over the course of this day you either had or anticipate having a conversation like the following:



“What’s up?”

“Nothing. ‘Sup with you?”

“Nothing. What are you up to?”

“Not much, you?”

“Same. How are you doing?”

“Good, and you?”

“Yeah, pretty good.”

The empty triple question conversational introduction. Only after the triple questions are out of the way may you begin an actual dialogue.

I propose that we hereby end all triple question introductions in favor of the more elegant NNG, which stands for Nothing, Not much, Good. An example might be:

“Hi, NNG.”

“Yeah, NNG. So it turns out my wife’s been sleeping with James…”

And so continues the real conversation.

Pentavirate West (Sean and Aaron V) is probably where I got this from. They did it first and better, but I’m the one who just copywrited it. Suckers.

Begin new thought:

In my government class today, the girl behind me referred to the Gay E-Light while answering a question. I was totally baffled and spent a few minutes riffling through my notes in search of this fringe gay rights group. Finally, of course, I realized she meant the gay “elite.”

I’m not making fun of her; I mispronounce words all the time. I was just tickled by it.

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