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If your victim is middle management, is it murder or civil service?

Posted by on December 4, 2002

My boss does this really adorable thing almost every day I work with him. It’s this thing where he gives me an assignment, but without a lot of backup information, you know? And then I ask for clarification and he puts on this maddening (yet adorable!) smile and either tells me it’s not his job to explain it or else tells me I need to figure it out on my own.

Here’s an example that happened just the other day: He asked me to make a graph in Excel using a spreadsheet he’d given me. It was a complicated spreadsheet, so I was a little confused as to what exactly the graph should be depicting, so I asked him. But instead of just pointing out the two relevant columns, he (aww!) smiled and asked me to figure it out myself.

Forty-five minutes later, he admitted he didn’t remember exactly what data was supposed to be used for the graph, just that some of the chart should be depicted graphically. Well we all had a good laugh over it, I can tell you. Forty-five minutes! I’ve never had more fun in an office.

Here’s the thing though: I’m working 24 hours a week, and thanks to my new raise I’m making the same amount that I did pre-raise when working 35 hours a week.

Now that’s cute.

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