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This just in, winter causes sadness.

Posted by on December 2, 2002

This morning I found myself singing that sad song from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty in the shower. I wonder why each little bird has a someone. You know this song? Where all the animals of the forest improbably gather to provide four-part harmony like furry little do-wop girls? I think I’m not really used to being half of, if you follow me. It leads me to do things like sing about the single life, and spend nights indoors reading spinsterish novels, and tell the Moms in a pathetic voice, ‘It’s all right, you can keep that silverware you borrowed–I only need one fork.”

Well the silver fact is, of course, that I need two forks and a new song, being that I am coupled now. I still hate the other couples I see walking around, though. Just as a reflex, or to keep my hand in.

I’m moving into my role-playing mode right now, in a way that has nothing to do with D&D so you can just forget it. I’m playing Girlfriend. It’s good healthy fun. I futz with my hair before he comes over, and I get growlingly jealous about his female friends, and in general am irrational and emotional and not very interesting and absolutely no fun to be around.

It occurs to me I’m like this every winter, so maybe it’s not a function of my relationships at all. Maybe I’m just seasonally dependent. Maybe I should migrate like a fruit picker. I have to say, though, I find it very refreshing to have been in one apartment for 3 months already without making plans to move, so maybe what I need is just more of those lightbulbs that imitate sunlight.

This post is dull. Go read the turkey ones again, they were brilliant.

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