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Nitwit, dictionary, me.

Posted by on November 18, 2002

Last night I went to the Lad’s house to get aid on the maths. (My parents have an Australian houseguest who brought kangaroo jerky, vegemite spread and the phrase “maths.”) He was late arriving on his Machine o’Death so I sat and watched ‘The Sopranos’ for ten minutes or so with the housemates and co.

I’d never seen ‘Sopranos’ before. (I’m all the time missing out on the national crazes it seems – American Idol, Survivor, war with Iraq, etc.) I was amazed by how SNL-ish it was. All the dialogue was very sketch-comedy, and no one made reference to spaghetti or fish sleeping or any of it. And it looked like it was shot on video, which gives a clean, shiny effect I do not typically associate with mobsters. I came in on a scene where the main character is at an elementary school for some reason and joins in on a parent-kid game of dodgeball. He’s supposed to open a restaurant in three days, and the critic who will be reviewing him just happens to be on the other team. “I can see such pain ahead,” said Mike, chortling, as the two began hurling the ball at each other and growing more and more angry. I chuckled. Didn’t this critic know that he was dodging the ball of Mob-related fury? Clearly the critic was clueless.

Wacky hijinks continued to ensue, with no one getting shot or saying “fuck,” until Gene got home. “That was so funny!” I said. “I didn’t think it would be so funny.”

“Yeah,” he said. “I love that show.”

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