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Many links, little time

Posted by on November 10, 2002

Thursday in class we watched a video about how women got the vote, launching us well and truly into our feminism section. It’s making me extremely touchy about certain things, like the fact that the Lad does not like Lily Tomlin. I keep wanting to blame it on his patriarichal need to feminize feminists, and last night over Scrabble I nearly stood up on my parents’ newly-upholstered dining room chair and yelled “J’accuse!”

In other news, Brian found a wonderful site which consists solely of fascinating links. Usually after spending any more than half an hour surfing the web I feel robbed, like Weebl & Bob or Memepool just hastened me towards death without me noticing. But the site Brian found made me feel all tingly and nice. Rock, Brian.

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