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The Geeks in Applied Calculus

Posted by on November 7, 2002

…are eating my living brain.

I did good up until the first midterm and now I’m struggling. Does anyone know about derivatives? (Cue helpless mocking laughter from all of you who know math, except KTV who seems to have forsworn that kind of mockery. Do we know derivatives? Yes, and we can recite the whole alphabet too…)

Okay, but I need help, so quit laughing for a minute. It’s very basic (I assume) stuff, as it’s just being introduced to us, and now we’re learning all the rules for exponential equations and stuff and my head is sort of coming off. Because suddenly with no warning my professor got all snippy about going slow – which he was so good at up until now – and said You should know all this immediately from algebra. Urk.

So, help?

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