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Stoltz makes my life smell like pee.

Posted by on October 27, 2002

First of all, I finally swallowed my convictions and rented The House of Mirth. Gillian Anderson, who up until now I’d only seen substituting growling for acting, was actually very good as Lily, who was one of my favorite characters in literature for a long time. Any flaws in her performance I am inclined to blame on bad direction.

Eric Stoltz, on the other hand, had me screaming at the television. Seldon was definitely one of my favorite men in literature, and Stoltz plays him like an old woman in a nursing home. Periodically he glances at Anderson with a searching gaze like he’s trying to remember what she’s doing there, but the rest of the time he’s either querulously demanding that she surrender his spectacles or else nodding and smiling to himself in some private reverie that has nothing to do with the scene or his audience. He fucked up the film and I hate him now.

:Knock knock nerd.

Knock knock hippie:

So I went to this peace march on Saturday. (I think I mentioned it, shrilly, eight or twelve hundred times to y’all?) It was immensely amazingly huge; I’ve never seen so many people gathered with a single purpose except at Disneyland. But about half an hour into it, my mom looked around and said “You know, almost all of these people are white.”

True story, my dad and I agreed. SF is a pretty diverse city, but this march was so white it was almost shiny. It was like being in a Cameron Crowe film. (Side note: watch the few scenes of New York streets in Vanilla Sky and tell me how many non-whites you see. Or, for that matter, how many black musicians you see in Almost Famous.)

I have to write a paper about the march for Government, and I’d like to include the weirdness with a theory about it. So if anyone has a theory, for god’s sake hand it over.

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