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1,2,3,4, We don’t want your – hey, the Gap’s having a sale!

Posted by on October 25, 2002

Yesterday in my Government class, the prof handed back our papers and gave us some virtual head-patting for a while, which was satisfying. Then she wrote the following in HUGE LETTERS ON THE BOARD:



She made us identify which was the possessive and which the contraction. “Learn it, know it,” she said. “It’ll be on the final. I marked down for this, people; some of you lost a whole letter grade because of ‘its’ and ‘form’ or ‘from’ and other basic mistakes. I blame California public schools, but you have to fix it.”


In contrast, my English teacher, writing on the board, spelled ‘caricature’ with an ‘h.’ “No ‘H,'” said English John. We had previously discussed this as being our biggest problem with the class: teacher can’t spell. This prompted a five minute discussion where most of the class, including the teacher, insisted the word was right, and English John quietly negated them while I sat in my corner and chortled, periodically agreeing with him when there was the least chance of anyone hearing me. Finally someone looked it up and he was vindicated.

But mostly State is a very good school.

Here’s what is fun: Walking around downtown for two hours tomorrow between 11 and 1. Come for the protest, stay for the chain-store shopping! Come on, sheepies. Everyone and my mother are doing it.

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