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In New York, you can get Triscuits delivered.

Posted by on October 10, 2002

Alittle bit drunk. A little bit fdurnk. A little biut drinuk.

So here’s some birds of the Bay Area:

Marbled Godwit

Least Tern

Black-crowned Night Heron

Cinnamon Teal

Bufflehead Duck

You will like that, I thinkso.

My friends, today in the quad at school were a couple of guys with waist-high reproductions of pictures of aborted fetuses. I cried and cried. Why would you do that? Can you think my mind will be changed? What a fuck, I said, but could not think how to give them the verbal equivalent of a waist-high reproduction of a picture of an aborted fetus. I stood and stared for the longest time. It looked like a sad bloody muppet.

Well I will have some more wine. What with the war, and the fetuses, I am knocked up as they say in Jane Austen when they mean tired tired tired. I know it is passe to care about the war and stuff but I kind of do. I keep thinking of the nice cafes and such on Castro Street that will be rubbleized if bombing occurs.

Yesterday the police shot a homeless man in Baghdad Cafe near my house, to death. He was coming at them with knives garnered from the kitchen is what I heard but I just don’t know what to think anymore. I wonder if he was black, if he was dirty, if they were white and clean. I will have some more wine. Sorry for this, sorry sorry for this. I think there’s a nationwide protest being organized in multiple cities on the 26th if anyone is interested. I will have an eye to the fliers.

14 Responses to In New York, you can get Triscuits delivered.

  1. Jacob

    Don’t feel sorry. If you truly did need to feel sorry for saying something like this, then we wouldn’t be the right kind of friends. That is, we wouldn’t be friends at all.

  2. michele

    there WAS a nationwide protest. last sunday. which kim invited us all to and none of us went. instead we sat around jason’s clean white living room and wrote silly musicals. that’s social consciousness for you.

  3. didofoot

    1. thank you jacob, now i am all gooey eyed with awwww.

    2. was it nationwide, like occuring in many cities at the same time? i should have done that. there was also one last night that i missed, though that again was citywide.

    i like the idea of nationwide. it seems like it would send more of a message than just a bunch of california radicals.

  4. danny

    You belong in Berkeley. Was there a specific goal to this protest, or was this just to keep the picket signs from being moth-eaten?

  5. didofoot

    watch that cynicism, fratty. we’ll ship you back to florida if you’re not careful…

  6. michele

    the one on sunday was nationwide. it was thru or .net or something. and there was this thing a little while ago with postcards that a ton of people in the country sent in all on the same day because apparently these white house people just throw away letters but bright postcards and lots of em make more of an impact. the goal of the one on sunday though was to make the statement that bush was saying all this shit about how he was doing stuff on the basis of the “voice of the country” speaking with “one voice” blah blah and they (the picketers) were all saying “nuts to you, bush. we’re not saying this. you are taking Our name in vain.”

  7. michele

    cynicism? did you SEE his october 6 entry? he’s more gooey eyed than anything.

  8. didofoot

    ooh, i just read it. totally gooey eyed.

  9. michele

    that’s what i’m talking about.

  10. danny

    If I’m not too careful tonight, I might end up a gooey pile (thank god my mom doesn’t read this).

    So is there another Bright Postcard Day coming up soon?

  11. michele

    no idea. sorry. you could organize one on your own.

  12. erica

    i hear tell from j to the olie that there is a big ‘ol protest on saturday the 26th, so i don’t think you’ve missed the protest boat at all.

  13. the pictures are typical

    All right, all right, clearly you’re seeking the goods, which I have, underneath my right pant leg, strapped to my boot.

    Oct. 26th is a nationwide anti-war demonstration, but if we go to war before that, we

    -as the dissenting purple-tressed youth on this Island of Irony–

    must surface at Powell St. BART station for an immediate, emergency demo.

    In the meantime, postcards and phone calls are good if you favor representative democracy (as opposed to say, fascism)(or, urm, anarchy), and i can provide the desirous with numbers.

    On Thursday night, as the vote was passed, 100’s of people marched to SF’s and Oakland’s big federal building, to stage a takeover/reclamation. Please, do me the favor of looking at for a few seconds.


    P.S. if my MOTHER can do this (she came with me, Thursday night), so can you.

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