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What if they gave a war and no one came?

Posted by on September 30, 2002

But then imagine that instead of a war, it was my birthday party, and instead of no one coming it was actually attended by all of you.

So what if THAT? Huh?

Um…let’s do journalism style:

Who: Me

What: Birthday

When: Saturday 10/19 comma evening of

Where: Not sure yet. Out to dinner and then to 26 mix for some 80s music is what I am thinking.

Why: Because it’s the surest way I have to guarantee presents from you slackers. See this way you can just buy me dinnner and a few drinks. And not even a whole dinner! Because maybe there will be lots of you!

So…that’s it I guess. If you have good ideas for where a lot of people can comfortably eat dinner in SF then by all means talk amongst yourselves; my only stipulation is, not sushi. Unless we make it at someone’s house, which I am also down with.

Erica and Jacob also both have birthdays right around then, so if you two were wanting the Saturday night for something else involving everyone, hey, I am flexible. (It’s the yoga.)

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