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Maybe you don’t like your job, maybe you didn’t get enough sleep.

Posted by on September 30, 2002

Friday night The Lad and I had dinner in my hood, narrowly escaping a big Critical Mass party courtesy of your friends from Burning Man. But what do I have against Burning Man? I like art. I like the desert. I liked that one bar we went to that used to be associated with Burning Man way back when. But I tend to picture a more Rustian crowd – the new Rust, who we ran into at Ian’s show on Saturday. He has a protruding goatee that he fondles constantly. “You’re like a 12 year old kid sneaking a cigarette,” I said. “Way too focused on it.”

Wipe that smile off your face, baby, and try to play cool.

All of this is me diverting attention from my main reason for blogging today, which is that me and The Lad went to dinner, like on a date. Not that this will materially affect anyone else. But I am nervously happy, with a phospherescent glow.

19 Responses to Maybe you don’t like your job, maybe you didn’t get enough sleep.

  1. tracy

    It also affects me, strangely. I am such a romantic and therefore a big freak. So, I too am nervously happy for you.


  2. eydie

    I’m surprised that you didn’t think that showing your 80 yr old grandpa around the Castro was the big event of your weekend.

    Didn’t you think it was momentous to encounter Robin Hood (sans tights & tunic) strolling along the street with Grandpa gaping at your side?

  3. didofoot

    nah, i wrote about him in my regular journal. i’m using today’s blog on gene to get the vitriol from my friends over with all at once, rather than having to tell them one by one and getting lambasted repeatedly.

  4. didowuss

    hm, true, true. well then maybe i just wanted to get it over with virtually instead of face to face.

  5. this lamb is tasty but it

    how clever of you. 🙂

  6. tracy

    oh so clever. she will hug her cleverness like a puppy.

  7. i never ate a lamb that

    hee. quoting myself at myself, it is shameless.

  8. lambert, the sheepish lion

    vitriol? how about wim wenders?

    i am of course glad that you are hastening the marriage date in such a fashion, as i wish only to give speeches at a big party involving an intricate cake. i will start learning how to make little italian villas and web-hosting servers out of icing sugar.

    of course, as i well know that you wear the pants, if not always the panties, in this partnership [insert scandalous rumor about gene and lingerie], i hereby demand your respect and at least minimally reliable love for my favorite and most worthy gentleman friend, mr. gene.

    i would offer “you hurt him, i’ll break you,” except that breaking kristen would jettison both our souls into a freezing dark void a la superman 2, where our wincing images reflect off one another and offer benign counsel from the beyond, and eventually plummet to earth, skewering clark kent and several civilians like so much red meat.

    that’s how it went, right?

  9. that mutual of omaha guy

    phospherescent…like two jellyfish undulating over each other, playing with moonbeams.

    and now please sit back and relax while i play marvin gaye’s “let’s get it on.”

  10. Sean

    Dude, just so you know, I heard Gene had his nipples pierced. Just so you know.

  11. gene

    Jesus you people, I read this thread you know.

    Oh and thank you Katie, it’s good to know someone’s got my back.

    And Sean, well, I guess I don’t have anything to say regarding your comment.


  12. tracy

    Both???? Ian too, also has the nipples peirced. I like to bite them and whip him around not unlike a large dog with a chew toy.

  13. tracy

    oh, and i don’t spell go good. pIerced. I befor E except after C………DUH!!!!

  14. tracy

    SO good, not GO good. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  15. didofoot

    does he make that little rubber-duck squeaking noise of fear like a chew toy too?

    my dog used to have a sqeuaky rubber newspaper (rolled up) called barker’s weekly.

    well THAT was relevant.

  16. tracy

    he only squeaks from pleasure. TMI!!!

  17. M@

    yes, yes, squeal little imp… yes, just like that.

    there’s nothing quite like a shorn scrotum.

  18. tracy

    Nipples, stalker. Get it right.

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