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Gotta create a demand curve and read the Constitution

Posted by on September 12, 2002

Today at school I learned how to do “yoga sleep.” That is just like regular sleep, but you do it in yoga class. Luckily I don’t snore during yoga sleep, at least (worried Satchel frown) I hope not. For twenty minutes today everyone practiced their yoga sleep; any class with a naptime included is okay in my book. (My book has large print and lots of colorful pictures.)

I still like my gov’t class, although I’ve now identified the Annoying Girl who will raise her hand several times in a discussion and make the same point that was just made, as if it was brand new. I’m still looking for her car so I can key it.

Tonight, some of my fun friends are going out to the Beta Lounge or somewhere circusy to fuck shit up. Me, I’m staying in to write an essay and do math homework. I am happier than I have been in three years.

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