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Home for a pig

Posted by on September 1, 2002

I got the place! That one in the picture I posted, with the garden? I got it!

Not that it was tough mind you. I showed up in a skirt to my knees with charming father in tow, looking like an All-American Ms. Auto Fair Festival 1956 Queen type, and the opera-singin’, cake-makeup wearin’ landlady just about fell over in glee.

So it’s little. The ceilings are not all that they could be. And I’ll be sharing it with a couple of somnolent daddy longlegs. But it’s in Upper Market, within walking distance to the Castro and all the good food that entails; plus, no one will hassle me when I’m walking around at night, because ew girls.

I can’t have a housewarming party – like pretty much all of my studios before this one, it’s big enough for me and a petite friend and that’s all about it. But we should go eat at the awesome Greek place again soon, as it is just blocks away, and I can show y’all my garden.

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