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No spring chicken

Posted by on August 26, 2002

Been talking to my uncle on and off for a few days now, as he’s here briefly from Hawaii. Talks like a pirate, some favorite expressions being “aye” and “auh?” What with my preferred affirmative of “yarr,” we are like a whole crew of suburban buccaneers. (Or, spastics.) Yesterday he was telling me about how the weirdest part about turning sixty is suddenly being invisible to the objects of his ogling, aka women in their twenties.

This made me think again about these older-younger pairings one so often finds, wherein a man in his thirties or so will hook up with a woman who is hovering around eighteen. Or in some cases younger. I was the May to a December one time – or maybe the April, or March – and I have to wonder, how young does she need to be before he’s officially a pedophile? Is it a matter of the age difference between them? Or the specific mischief they get into together?

I know a girl who dated her high school track coach. Granted they waited until just after graduation, but still…shouldn’t that give you a twinge of ick? Or do most men just shrug and turn on the latest Kirsten Dunst movie on HBO?

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