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Oh I just told the biggest fly.

Posted by on August 21, 2002

Overheard this yesterday, from a Happy Couple:

GIRL: So are you coming over tonight or not?

BOY: Not sure yet.

GIRL: Well I need to know, so I know whether to dress up or not.

BOY: (Amused) You don’t have to dress up for me still.

GIRL: (Convinced) Oh yes I do.

BOY: And why is that, again?

GIRL: Because you catch more flies with honey and you are the biggest fly.

The biggest fly. Hoo. I love it. Elliott Smith is rolling over in his gra – er, bed.

I used to get so mad at boys. I would spend hours steaming my brain over what to wear, and even though I would wind up almost inevitably in jeans, tanktop and boring hairdo, I still put a WHOLE lot of thought into it. I suspect the same was not true for them. To be fair, they probably did do the sniff test on their shirts (although not always successfully, the stinking rodents).

Am I wrong though? Are there straight men who actually get pre-date appearance jitters?

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