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So bored I might die from it.

Posted by on August 2, 2002

I don’t know if this is funny. I do know I’m just bored enough to post twice today. Anyway, yesterday Nuala and Michele and I were discussing how Nuala’s cousin, Jenn, who has a show on Canadian MTV, is considered cool and glamorous by the rest of her family. Next after her on the glamour train comes Nuala’s sister, Adrienne (no website alas), who’s living in NY hobnobbing with movie stars. Probably. So here is a conversation you would get at a typical reunion:

NUALA: “Yeah so I’m dating this guy Sumit…”

GRANDMA: “Jenn, was that the NAKED CHEF you interviewed last week?”

JENN: “Yep! In’t he dreamy?”

NUALA: “He’s an Indian. From India, like. Not Irish or Catholic.”

GRANDMA: “Oh my lord! I would like to lay that naked chef down and beat his batter!”

NUALA: “A heathen, you might say.”

JENN: “I know! I’d like to curry HIS chicken!”

NUALA: “In fact, we’ve had premarital sex numerous times.”

GRANDMA: “Oh, Adrienne’s here! Tell me, dear, how is the glamorous New York scene?”

NUALA: “Sigh.”


GRANDMA: “I find the naked chef strangely attractive.”

JENN: “He’s a dish all right.”

GRANDMA: “He IS a dish.”

JENN: “Yep.”

GRANDMA (To herself): “A delicious dish.”

JENN: “Grandma?”

GRANDMA (To herself): “A delicious dish to have with some pie.”

JENN: “Hello?”

GRANDMA: “Mmmm.”

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