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1, 2, 3, EVERYBODY!

Posted by on July 29, 2002

Trying to work through my listlessness enough to respond to Jacob’s wicked cool fiction. Why so listless, though? The weather is also listless, and Maggie tells me I am more influenced by the weather than anyone she knows. I like having this distinction – any superlative is better than nothing. All I strive to be is extremely something.

After I read The Lad’s account of his triumph over adversity by the use of his wits and street savvy, I too triumphed in my own way this weekend. In short:

1. Camping in Big Sur, alone for the nonce.

2. Broken tent pole.

3. Leeringly interested sci-fi-loving doughnut-eating neighbor-campers.

4. Used relative sex appeal and tbsp. of charm to convince neighbors to go buy me duct tape in the neighboring town.

5. Campers buy my tape, then fix my tent.

Intrepid? Nope. But at least I am the sleaziest.

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