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Here, smell this nail.

Posted by on July 23, 2002

Yesterday I saw a pregnant woman walking across campus. I looked at the small, quiet bulge of her stomach and thought about the tiny little fetus floating around in there who was examining her insides with bulging frog eyes and then I thought PARASITE! PARASITE! Eugh.

So I guess that fantasy is over with. Now I’m back to wanting to be the Millers.

I was thinking about changing my site’s tagline from Mangio Quello Che Uccido to One Whore’s Journey. But as soon as I started thinking that, I stopped dating anyone. I don’t miss them but I don’t regret them either. Frank played flamenco guitar for me and Manmeat had a very poetic moment where he tried to explain why construction equipment smells good. I’ve gotten something interesting from everyone I’ve dated; not always good, but interesting. For example, Melissa gave me one of her paintings, whereas Robert gave me my first yeast infection.

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