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Trolls for Freedom, Freedom for Trolls

Posted by on July 22, 2002

“Hi,” said Frank this morning. “Your hair is dirty.”

“Hi,” I said, “yes. Thank you.”

KA-POW! Shrapnel.

“I’ll put it up then,” I said. “You’ve made me nervous about it now.”

“Don’t be so nervous all the time,” he said, “it’s fucking annoying.” As if I were some squirrelly creature he was constantly having to tame. Though not a Berkeley squirrel, since they are bold as brass.

On Saturday I went to the lovable Millers’ house and ogled their animal print hand towels. I had a weird discussion with some people about blogging, but to write about it in detail in my blog would be way too meta.

MATT HOLOHAN, sorry you had to read all of this twice.

And if you are the boy with the fascinating pants from the party, you know, works with Ian? Go here for your props.

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