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Blah blah blah retard.

Posted by on July 18, 2002

Last night after baseball, seven of us on the large spinny thing in the playground after dark, laughing hysterically. All I can remember of the conversation, unfortunately, is “Blah blah blah retard! HA HA HA HA! Retard! HA HA! Blah retard blah blah! HOO LORD!” And then Jason, turning to Erica and quietly saying “We are the meanest people to work with retards ever.”

And in other newsings…

In his travel term paper, Allen mentioned that there’s no good English word to describe someone who you’re kind of with, but not, you know, WITH with, but you’re sort of…well…

I think he’s wrong though. While Ash and Robyn have long favored the vulgar “This is my dick, Ash/This is my cunt, Robyn” approach, I propose something a little mellower: “This is my vibrator, Mallard.” And for guys?


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