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Why I Failed Physics

Posted by on July 11, 2002

Here’s how it went:

Kristen: So you’re reading the L’Engle books, eh?

Michele: Yep. I’m up to the ones where Meg and Calvin are grown up and have kids. Seven of them. Holy God.

K: Yeah, later on Meg’s mother explains it by saying she thinks Meg didn’t want to compete with her on a science level so she had a bunch of kids as a copout.

M: But Meg’s mother had four kids, and she won a Nobel prize for discovering farandolae at the same time. You know, those small, friendly creatures who live inside your mitochondria?

K: Right, but Meg’s mom was in a pretty stable environment. See, Meg had to be with Calvin on all these remote islands and stuff while he did his science experiments, so she had to home-school the kids a lot.

M: Well couldn’t she just live somewhere civilized and wait for him?

K: See I think she had separation anxiety after all those years she spent waiting for her father to come home from that other planet.

M: Oh, yeah. So what happened to Charles Wallace?

K: Oh, he does top-secret missions for the government. Wait, no, that’s Denny. Or was it Sandy? Oh yeah, they all do work for the government.

M: Cool.

K: Yeah. Did you get to the part yet where they regrow that girl’s arm using research on the regenerative abilities of starfish?

M: Wow, science is so keen.

K: Yeah, and just think: none of it would be possible without the man upstairs.

M&K: Thank you, God!

M: Wanna try and fold space in half so we can go see other planets?

K: Neat!

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