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Posted by on July 10, 2002

The nightmares are back.

There was a hiatus there of several months when they hardly showed up and my dreams were wan, tepid little scenes from my daily life. I found that despite the unpleasantness of waking up in fear all the time, I actually missed them. My nightmares are usually intense productions with plots, characters and vivid sensory details. They generally feature rape, molestation and pursuit by nefarious men; stabbing, hand fighting and war; and sometimes all of those together.

Last night they returned in a tsunami of scary stuff and the theme this time was ghosts, which was a new one. All night I kept waking up and falling back into dreams of ghost infestations in various houses which I had to fight off. These were the scary, Sixth Sense-type ghosts too. The worst was when one of them came up and put his hands on my chest to copp a feel. I don’t know why but this made me absolutely frantic with fear. I woke up about to scream, but luckily turned it into a mellow squeak-squeak-squeak! instead.

Don’t worry, this won’t become a catalog of nightmares. I would never try to compete with the doyenne of dream journals.

Baseball tonight! And the temperature looks to be spiking at 104 degrees again. Man, does the fun ever quit?

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