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I miss i-s-s-i-p-p-i.

Posted by on July 1, 2002

Welcome to July! I’ll be your blogger today, unless you get bored halfway through and click on one of my fabulous links. Our specials for today include hundred degree weather for those of you sitting in the East Bay, and for those of you seated abroad we have a fantastic California Nostalgia plate that’s sure to knock your socks off. The heat will replenish itself automatically but for free refills on the nostalgia you’re going to have to call me, The Lad.

Here’s my weekend: Michele and I went to a dive bar in Oakland to hear Ian’s band play. For more detail check out Michele’s site. I will just say: nice going, Miller. Also, why is it called a dive bar? People always say that like there are a set of criteria that everyone knows. Big points to anyone who can list these criteria for me. Is it criterium? Whatever. No points at all to anyone who corrects my Latin.

Is it Latin? Aw shit.

Saturday I saw Minority Report. I’m with Jacob on the “mixed bag” review, if by “mixed bag” you mean “riddled with plotholes and idiocies to rival a James Cameron film.” I will refrain from my rant however, because the only thing that will rectify the fact that I spent $8-fucking-.75 to see it is the rest of you following suit.

Also faltered in my heretofore steadfast resolve and called the Sicilian on his birthday. See previous entry re: bag of hammers. Luckily he wasn’t home, unluckily I left a message, luckily he didn’t call back, unluckily I think he reads this. And if he does: Sorry about that, please ignore it, although the Happy Birthday part stands.

I’m tired of blogging. I’m also curious how many people actually read this. Eight points and five dollars* to anyone who sends me an amusing Fourth of July anecdote I can post.

*Except the five dollars. Sucker.

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