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I miss thang.

Posted by on June 28, 2002

Well, in view of Allen’s enormously long (but also enormously rewarding) description of his journey to date, writing this blog about my small, baseball-playing, smoothie-drinking life seems suddenly less satisfying. Even Jacob, busily slicing mouse brains in his mad laboratory, is doing something useful. (Who would slice the mouse brains if not for him? Would you do it? I thought not.)

And in brief, here are two things you can take to your weekend:

My co-worker (with the eligible son) used the phrase “keeping company” to describe her pre-marital relations with her husband.

At lunch I sat peacefully in the Class of 1925 Plaza, a quiet spot full of trees and a broken fountain. A short, dyspeptic neckbiter of a businessman strode past at one point and growled into his cellphone: “I wouldn’t flatter yourself, first of all, that anybody would be attracted to you, okay? Nobody gives a shit — til you make money.”

Anyway, have a nice weekend. Roll your shoulders. Remember to breathe. No one is looking at you.

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