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THWACK! Planet thumpin’.

Posted by on June 24, 2002

Well I called off my listless pursuit of that fellow most of you met at my party. It’s a shame and I feel bad, but he was this good looking, smart, funny, kind, interesting person and the whole time I was overwhelmed with suspicion. What’s he doing hanging around me then, I wondered, if he’s so great. I think deep down I figured he was hiding something. It’s amazing what getting dumped will do to a girl’s ego.

Okay, just kidding, I am still the most egotistical ball of carbon ever to hit the planet.

Speaking of — you will doubtless have noticed the Fiction link and its single schizophrenic entry. The first sentence in it came to me in a dream, and the rest there’s no excuse for. Basically it’s like this: I need a venue to stick my stuff on but I do not need a readership. So what I really want is to someday be published and then have all copies of my book stuck in a warehouse and forgotten until I am dead. In other words, please feel free NOT to click on the Fiction page. And if you do, then you deserve what you get. Insert ominous Winamp file here.

Here’s what I like: Balderdash (though not as much as Dictionary)

Here’s what I don’t like: When I go see A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the director casts Lysander as a foppish tart and inserts random lesbian subtext into the conversations between Helena and Hermia.

Here’s what is taller than me: Stonehenge.

Here’s what I want most: To go on a walking tour of the Swiss Alps.

Here’s what my next blog will have: More content.

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