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If you’re reading this, you’re more interesting than I am.

Posted by on June 17, 2002

This Yan restaurant is a fast food franchise. And the Dome is doomed. I thought we were becoming cool, but I guess that was a trick of the light.

I sigh. I return to eagerly plotting my move every waking minute.

While living in Seattle, too young to frequent bars, I spent a lot of my time haunting various coffee shops in my neighborhood. (Habitat is gone now, but B&O lives on, as does Seattle’s Best — my backup cafe.) The Lad spent a lot of time watching me order mochas with a fearful look on his face and then cower through the ensuing storm as the caffeine entered my blood and made me both feisty and stupid. Ah, nineteen.

Anyway, on one of these excursions, The Lad and I came up with the idea of starting a place called the Scrabble cafe. We could have large moveable scrabble letters on the walls, games on every table, etc. You see the brilliance of this. But The Lad pointed out that Parker Brothers would probably take offense and sue us. Then we would have to rename it the Fuck You, Parker Brothers Cafe.

Man, I tell that story about once a week and it just never gets old. To me.

My dad proposed to my mom over a game of Scrabble. As I understand it, he said something like “Want to get married?” and she said something like “Sure, I guess.” It’s possible he was trying to use it as a distraction technique in reaction to a hand of bad letters, but apparently she won the game anyway. Unless he’s telling the story.

Brief plug: Dog-Eared Books in the Mission is the new Twice Sold Tales of Seattle. It’s so far the best bookstore I’ve found around here, not that I’ve looked very hard. But they have used Wodehouse and Wharton and Ondaatje (oh my!). Anil’s Ghost in hardcover for $5.00. Beat that with a stick.

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