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P.Hill Baseball: We won’t get drunk and hit on you. Much.

Posted by on May 31, 2002

I’m reading The Professor and the Madman, which naturally is a book about the OED. It’s more interesting than I thought it would be, especially the part where I learned the word “sesquipedalian,” meaning either a word which is a foot and a half in length, or a person who is a foot and a half tall. I am itching to use this in a sentence, because I’m a pretentious chatty crossword-hound that way.

Last night walking back from baseball practice, I was yet again being mocked for my complete inability to drive anywhere in my hometown without explicit directions. “I’m book smart,” I told Ashley, “not street smart.”

“So, did you graduate yet?” he said.

“Well, when I say book smart — ”

If stupid was a team I’d be captain. Unlike my actual baseball team, where I am less a captain and more a hindrance. Speaking of which, we had a record number of eight people playing last night. We are gaining in popularity and sweeping the nation. It’s no spare tire bowling, but it’s a start.

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