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The war of the whippersnappers

Posted by on May 21, 2002

I talked to The Lad last night. This makes me supremely happy.

Yesterday I found myself using the phrase “But Mo-o-om! I’m TWENTY-TWO!” This is a time-honored argument in the ongoing conflict between parent and child and the (faulty) logic behind it is “now I’m THIS old. You should respect me.” It is not likely to hold a lot of water with someone who was probably THIS old before you were even born, the obvious rebuttal being “Yeah? Well I’m FORTY. Screw your opinions, rugrat.” (Ages have been changed, possibly, to protect the pricipals involved.)

The correlating parental argument here is “Kid! Give me that seat. I’m older than you.” The (supremely faulty) logic behind this is, of course, that old people deserve more comfort and ice cream sundaes than other people. But the age gap between you and this old person has always been the same. So why this argument now? I don’t remember being on my changing table and hearing my mom say “Shove over, toots. I need to lie down. I’m older than you.” It was only after I reached a certain age that this came into play. I attribute this disintigration of reasoning ability to the slow attrition of brain cells from drug usage in the sixties. Takes a while to catch up to you.

Okay, so I’m tired of having original thoughts. Here’s some cool slang for you. Enjoy.

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