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The perfect hair in ten easy steps

Posted by on August 8, 2013

Step one: Find a hairstylist you really like who gives you the most flattering haircut you’ve had in several years.












My face looks weird here but my hair is flawless. So bouncy!

Step two: Call to make a follow-up appointment six weeks later.

Step three: Learn that the salon has burned down.

Step four: Wait 5 months.

Step five: Learn that the salon has re-opened.

Step six: Make appointment with the hairdresser.

Step seven: Receive a call the next day learning that she’s just quit her job.

Step eight: Mourn.

Step nine: Beer.

Step ten: Shave head.

Note: I’m only on Step Eight, and we have a lot of beer in the house so I’ll probably pass out before I get to Step Ten. Nobody panic. Or panic a little I guess, because passing out from beer is not so great either. Well, maybe I’ll just stop on Step Eight.

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