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She’ll try anything once. And then two or three more times.

Posted by on July 16, 2013

Michele is telling Katy and me about her brother’s smoker machine, which allows you to make smoked meats.

Michele: “Actually, you can smoke all kinds of stuff in it. It’s awesome.”

Katy: “Like veggies and stuff?”

Kris: “Anything except cherries, right?”

Michele: “Oh yeah, we tried smoking cherries. They were completely disgusting. I bit into one and then gagged it back up.”

Kris: “And you KNOW it’s disgusting if Michele will only try it once. Usually she’ll go back to make sure.”

Michele: “Totally.”

Katy: “Wow.”

Michele: “I did try putting it in a drink later, since that’s what they’re supposed to be used for. Still gross.”

We laugh a little.

Michele: “And then I took a bite of the one in the drink, just to see if that changed anything.”

Katy: “Just in case the initial gag reflex was due to some unrelated thing?”

Michele: “Well, you never know.”

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