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After the movie

Posted by on June 20, 2013

Kris: “I thought that one part was a good example of a rape joke that didn’t make the victim into the punchline.”

Gene: “Oh?”

Kris: “Well, you know, because there’s been all that stuff in the media lately? About rape jokes and rape culture?”

Gene: “Rapists get their own culture?”

Kris: “No! You’ve never heard this phrase? It’s like…the idea that rape is just ingrained in our culture, to the point where we just take for granted that it’s a normal part of society and will happen to a certain percentage of people.”

Gene: “Like stealing and murder.”

Kris: “Well, no. I mean…obviously you have to have those things.”

Gene: “Yeah?”

Kris: “Look, I’m not explaining it right. Just do a search on ‘rape culture’ and you can read about it.”

Gene: “You know your anniversary went well when it ends with your wife recommending you learn about rape culture.”

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