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Baby on board — not my board, sorry, this title is misleading. I am not pregnant, nobody panic.

Posted by on June 12, 2013

Two of our best friends had their first baby this week! It’s such a huge deal, let’s examine how it impacts me. I was discussing the possible repercussions this will have on our regular friend hangouts with another regular hanger-outer, Jacob, the day it happened:

Jacob: “What do you think this will mean for socializing? Do you think we’ll see them this summer?”

Me: “Maybe. She’s such an organized person, I could see her working out the perfect way to see friends and care for an infant without a single unnecessary item or difficulty.”

Jacob: “True, but she may prefer to sleep.”

Me: “Ah, but what you perhaps don’t realize is that she has always preferred to sleep. For all the years we’ve known her, every time she chooses to hang out with us she’s basically forcing herself to sacrifice an important nap. So I’m not sure this will be any different.”

But seriously. I am so happy for them and so excited to meet their daughter, who — based on the picture I’ve seen — looks like one of those babies who are all soft and darling, not one of those scrunchy red kinds you sometimes meet with. Also, I’m eager to ask the new dad, who is the wine sommelier of our group, what kind of wine pairs best with childbirth.

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