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The daily

Posted by on June 7, 2013

Lately I’ve taken to sending Gene a daily sample of the most ridiculous headline I can find on I would like to share a few from the last month or so:

Justin Bieber’s monkey quarantined

Dog tattoos: cruel or prudent?

Cute woodchuck eats ice cream

Saget’s X-rated ‘Full House’ memory

Sandwich buyer in a pickle over pickles

‘Toilet of the future’ solves big issues

And some of my favorites from today:

Life coaches commit suicide

Justin Bieber to be launched into space (I assume this is related to his monkey issues. We’ve had enough, Bieb.)

Again, these are all headlines taken from CNN’s main page — the news that CNN felt would be most relevant and important to our lives. This is why I get all my news from Jon Stewart.

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