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On the phone with my mom

Posted by on February 5, 2013

Me: “Hello?”

My mom: “Hi, it’s me.”

Me: “Hey, what’s up?”

My mom: “My earrings and my shirt and my socks all have the same shade of blue in them!”

Me: “That’s awesome! Nice job.”

My mom: “Thanks!”

Me: “So…what else is going on?”

My mom: “Nothing, I just wanted to call about that.”

Me: “Okay.”

My mom, sadly: “I wish other women worked in my office, so that there would be someone to notice when I do things like this.”

4 Responses to On the phone with my mom

  1. michele

    Today at work:

    Ann: Michele, are your gold boots matching the buttons on your epaulets?
    Me: Why, yes. Yes, they are. Thank you for noticing, Ann.


  2. didofoot

    Aww! Send that Ann person over to my mom, please.

  3. michele

    Sorry Eydie!

    She’s very nice and lives in Alameda, you can just wander around next time you’re there and find a woman who randomly starts complimenting your ability to match items.

    I laughed a little too hard when she asked because I had just read this post like an hour before and it was so perfect. =)

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