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The Whole New Shirt Olympics

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Gold medal: Rummaging through your rag bin and finding a perfectly good shirt that you tossed in there two years ago because you decided it looked bad on you. The good news: you were wrong. It’s like getting a whole new shirt!

Silver medal: Finally tidying up the pile of clothes on your closet floor and discovering the same shirt, which you wore once after rescuing it from the rag bin and then dropped on your closet floor and forgot about. It’s like getting a whole new shirt!

Bronze medal: Finally getting to the pile of clothes that need to be attacked with stain remover and cleaning them all. Discovering that this pile includes that shirt from the other two medals because after the second time you wore it you discovered the small stubborn stain that was, you now remember, the reason you threw it in the rag bin in the first place, but now you’ve removed the stain and the shirt is flawless again. It’s like…well, you get it.

Conclusion: Laziness in housekeeping can be as satisfying as a shopping spree.

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