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Waiting for my pedicure to dry

Posted by on December 19, 2012

People asked a bunch of the sexiest male celebrities to describe their perfect day. Almost all of them said some version of “I want to be at my house with my family.”

Come on! You’re hot, rich and famous. There are plenty of great things you can do with your family outside the house. How about this…

Because you’re hot and people will pay to stare at you

“I’d pull all the fabric and ribbon and scraps from around my house and spend the day with my wife and kids creating alien costumes. Then in the evening I’d recruit some of my other hot famous friends and we’d put on an Alien Fashion show with a high ticket price. The proceeds would go to a charity of my kids’ choosing.”

Because you’re rich

“I’d charter a private plane and I’d fill it with chocolate fountains. At first my family and I could just have a demure chocolate-dipping party, but as soon as the barrel rolls started and the chocolate started flying, we could have a truly epic food fight.”

Because you’re famous

“I’d convince a studio that I should host an in-depth documentary about modern-day Disneyland. They’d close the park for filming and my family and I would carefully test every ride several times for the show.”

I started wondering if I was being hypocritical here. I mean, I’m not hot, rich or famous, but I’m healthy and I have disposable income. So what’s my ideal day? Do I just want to be at my house with my family?

Here’s what I decided: my ideal day is waking up on the houseboat, having some coffee and Bailey’s while Adam peacefully sails his remote control boat. Quick dip in the lake, a few hours on the roof reading Henry James, then a trip in the speedboat to explore a waterfall and climb some rocks. More time on the roof, followed by crazy dancing in the kitchen cooking dinner with the ladies, followed by dinner on the Lido Deck watching the bats come out. Then sparklers, skinny dipping, and a showing of Disney’s Robin Hood.

Basically, I just want to be at the houseboat with my family.

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