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An Expotition to the Basement

Posted by on July 17, 2012

I discovered yesterday that my washing machine has a “hand wash” setting. I do laundry every week, and we’ve lived here almost two years, so that’s about 100 weeks that I’ve failed to examine these laundry machines which came with the house.

Stuff like this makes me feel dull, like my perceptions are all packed about with cloud. There’s so much about this house that I just haven’t bothered to find out and explore. And it’s not even all in the basement — although in my mental map of the house, the basement does have a skull and crossbones and a giant banner that reads HERE BE MICE.

Maybe it’s time to mount an expotition and get to know this place where I will probably spend the next thirty or forty years.

Or maybe I’ve got thirty or forty years to explore and I should instead spend this miserable cloudy day re-reading all my Winnie-the-Pooh books.

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