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Posted by on July 11, 2012

Gene: “I want to make those chicken things for dinner tonight.”

Kris: “Wait, the ones that were frozen and then thawed and then you put them back in the freezer? No. I keep forgetting to throw those out. We have to throw them out right now.”

Gene: “I think it’ll be fine.”

Kris: “You can’t eat meat that has been frozen and thawed and refrozen. It will kill you. Do you want to kill your wife? Is that what you want?”

Gene: “I think that’s not actually true.”

Kris: “No, it’s absolutely true.”

Gene: “Let’s compare sources.”

Kris: “I read this fact in a Babysitters Club book when I was nine.”

Gene: “…”

Kris: “It was Claudia and the Sad Goodbye, if you want to check on it for yourself.”

Gene: “All I’ve got is a fact sheet from the USDA saying it’s okay.”

Kris: “I think we know who just won this argument.”

Note: I just realized that in Claudia and the Sad Goodbye, the issue is that they’re trying to refreeze food that’s been left to thaw on the counter, not in the fridge. The USDA is against that, but we only ever thaw food in a fridge so I think everyone won here. Except Claudia, who later had to say a very sad goodbye.

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