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Posted by on May 15, 2012

I’ve now failed to attend two large book sales and my page-turning finger is kind of starting to itch. I was thinking I might check out the Berkeley Library sale next month; they’re selling 4,500 books, which sounds like SO MANY…until I realize that’s only four times the size of my current collection. Maybe I can just reread some things again. Out of 1,049 books, I have to have forgotten the plot of at least ONE of them. Right?

Ah. Careful examination of my shelves reveals that yes, there is ONE book I’ve mostly forgotten, but it’s P.G. Wodehouse’s Golf Omnibus. Well, if we must, we must.

5 Responses to Fore!

  1. michele

    What two? Did I miss one? I know you missed the SFPL one recently that I went to. Oh, the Alameda one? Was there one? I did miss that one if so and I would have gone to it. The Benicia one this weekend was pretty great. They had way more than 4,500 and it was one of those fill a paper bag for $5 kind of sales.

    In other news, I have a lot of books you can always borrow. There’s at least 75 in my TBR pile alone. It is destroying my will to read.

  2. michele

    I was looking at that website you linked to and man there are a lot of sales. Anyway, I found out that the Benicia one is actually every month.

  3. michele

    p.s. we also just missed a p-hill one at the beginning of the month. sad. not that i need any more books. hello. TBR: 75+. lowers head in shame. goes back to re-reading a series so she can read the new one.

  4. didofoot

    Nice! I actually still have my pile from previous sales to work through. No more sales allowed until I read those or get rid of them. I just keep forgetting they’re there. And yeah, the Alameda one was the other sale I didn’t go to.

  5. michele

    Heh, if I didn’t allow myself to go to more sales before I read/got rid of current books, I would NEVER get to go to new sales. I guess it would be a good incentive to just yell vitriol at them and chuck them out the windows for the squirrels to poop on. Then I could stroll out the front door, keys in hand, and drive to a sale with a jaunty smile on my face.

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