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Posted by on May 10, 2012

Kris: “Check it out, there’s going to be a solar eclipse on May 20 that will be visible from, among other places, Redding.”

Gene: “Cool.”

Kris: “Can you even imagine the number of alien hunters and ghost whisperers who will be out on Lake Shasta to see that? [Looks at calendar.] Oh, too bad, looks like you’re going to be at the Maker Faire that day. You’ll be surrounded by logical types who will completely understand the science behind an eclipse. Everyone’s just going to be glancing up casually, going ‘Oh, the sun and the moon are doing some kind of thing there, a common event in no way caused by elves.’ BORING.”

Gene: ” ‘Doing some kind of thing?’ Do you not know what causes a solar eclipse?”

Kris: “Well, I know it’s not elves.”

Gene: “Okay.”

Kris: “It’s aliens, right?”

Gene: “…Yes. That’s right.”

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