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She doesn’t, by the way.

Posted by on May 9, 2012

I recognize that I’m several years late to this party, but I’m finally watching Heroes and what the hell? In season one Peter is a sweet, peacenik nurse, and by season three every time he wants to save the world or be a hero he’s picking up a gun? This is lazy writing.

Also, I think the writers should be more aware that one of the powers Claire has as an invulnerable healer is the ability to totally gross-out her opponents by being all wounded at them until she heals. Like hello, have you never seen a zombie film? Walking people with wrong-angled parts are the scariest people.

Sigh. I’m sorry about this. I recognize that the modern pop culture life span being what it is, talking about Heroes is pretty much the same as if I were to go to New York right now and shout at the incoming ships to tell me whether or not Little Nell survives. Luckily, you don’t come here looking for current references. (Actually, most of you come here looking for pictures of Jared Leto, so pop-culturally speaking I think I’m ahead of the curve.)

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