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An informative post

Posted by on March 30, 2012

Michele has alerted me to the fact that the SF Library is having one of their ninja spring sales this weekend. Every year they have the giant book sale in September, but every few years they randomly have an equally giant sale in the spring and it sneaks up on you like a ninja. This is one such year.

I already own all the books but I will be there on Sunday just to see if anything new has been written since September. The sale is at Fort Mason and on Sunday everything is $1 or less, so if you like things that are good, slightly battered, or being fought over by a pack of rabid bibliophiles, come on down.

An image search for “rabid book lovers” gets you this. The puppy is sad that you don’t own all the books yet. Why don’t you own more books? Do you hate the puppy?









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