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Baby steps

Posted by on March 2, 2012

Kris: “I was looking at prices for smoke detectors online and they seem to hover in the twenty-five dollar range.”

Gene: “Really? That seems high.”

Kris: “Well, I found ones that are, like, seven dollars, but they’re some weird ‘kiddie’ version. No, thanks.”

Gene: “…Might you mean ‘Kidde’? It’s a smoke alarm brand.”

Kris: “Ohhh! That…makes a lot more sense.”

Gene: “Did you think there were special smoke alarms for kids?”

Kris: “It seemed possible, given what I’ve heard about parenting an infant, that when presented with the choice between letting a baby sleep and waking it up with a fire alarm, some parents might want a special alarm that doesn’t go off when the kid’s napping.”

Please note: if ever I have children, I will not choose to buy a special don’t-wake-it-during-a-fire smoke alarm.

I am 99% sure.

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