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Posted by on January 12, 2012

Gene and I were sitting around staring at computers when he very sweetly put on some music for us. I listened for a few songs and then wrinkled my nose.

“This guy sounds like a boyfriend,” I complained.

“What does that mean?” Gene asked obligingly. *

“It sounds like when you’re dating a guy and he wants to play you this song he wrote, and it only has like three notes and he sings kind of off-key and it lasts FOREVER. And you have to just keep listening and smiling and at the end you have to say ‘Oh, that was so good,‘ so you can trick him into sleeping with you.”

“Ah,” Gene said, and went back to whatever mysterious thing he was doing online that didn’t involve my vocal cords and the noises they make.

*It is so wonderful that he’s always willing to ask “What does that mean?” when I make a deliberately vague pronouncement. He knows that being asked to explain myself is what I live for.

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