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Applying myself

Posted by on January 11, 2012

Gene and I are sitting in the unheated office, chafing our hands like two shivering Dickensian orphans, while I prowl around the onlines looking for jobs.

“Brr,” I say.

“Brr,” he agrees.

“It’s really just the first joint of my fingers that gets cold,” I say. “Everything else can be covered in sweaters and stuff. I need fingerless gloves.”

“Yes,” he says.

“Wait, I have fingerless gloves!” I remember. “But, oh, they cover my thumb. That won’t work, my thumbs are two of my four typing fingers.”


“Do you think it would be good to write in my cover letter that I want to work for this company because I’m pretty sure they have central heat?” I say.

Ha, ha, ha! We laugh.

But seriously, hire me. It’s cold in here.

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