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Little lambsy divey

Posted by on January 6, 2012

You might think eight a.m. is too early to be choosing cuts of lamb, but you would be wrong. Even slightly hungover, I have no problem looking at pictures of raw red meat. The weirder part to me is that I’ve actually met the lamb I’m planning to cook. I mean, I’ve defended this lamb from drunken wedding guests who wanted to go play with it. And I am so much happier about eating this lamb than I am about eating the other meat I eat, because I know it lived its life on a lovely, peaceful meadow surrounded by its friends and two caring farmers, only occasionally disrupted by drunks. It had a good life and now I need to eat it.

Or, the short version: Katy and Evan will be harvesting their first crop of lambs soon and we have pre-ordered some, and you know what that means? It means there are going to be some kickass, gourmet poolside barbecues this summer. Brace yourselves.

If you’d like lamb of your very own, I don’t know whether this crop is already spoken for. If is is, I expect you can get on the list for next time. Here is the info.

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