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Why Ian and Tracy will never invite me to dinner again.

Posted by on January 5, 2012

Ian: I just read a book that you and Gibney have probably read.

Kris: Oh, yes?

Ian It’s called The Hunger Games.

Kris: Yeah! So awesome, right?

Ian: So badly written.

Kris: What? No.

Ian: Come on, you have to admit that —

Kris: Augh! Why do you like everything that is bad and hate everything that is good? What is wrong with your face?




Kris: Hey, are you making us pizza? That looks great.

Later on, watching TV with Tracy.

Kris: [pointing to a glamorous dark-haired girl on the TV] Hey, is that a Kardashian?

Tracy: [giving me a funny look] Yes?

Kris: I guessed right! Because I know what hair color they have.

Tracy: [still believes I am pulling her leg] Do you…not know what the Kardashians look like?

Kris: No. Why, do they have a show or something?

Tracy: They have a million shows.

Kris: Oh. Well, at least I recognized one. Hey, [pointing to a dark haired, dumpy, make-up free girl on the TV] is that a Kardashian?

Tracy: Sigh.

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