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Watching Grosse Pointe Blank

Posted by on December 23, 2011

The camera is cutting from a close-up of John Cusack to a close-up of the world’s most adorable baby.


Gene: Yep.

Close-up of John Cusack. Close-up of baby.

Me: This is the cutest thing EVER.

Gene: Yep.

John Cusack scrunches his face. Baby obligingly scrunches his darling, uncanny-valley, huge-eyed face of cuteness.

Me: Oh, man, I want one. I want one so much!

Gene: I know, I know.

Cut to John Cusack. Cut to baby.

Me: Augh, the sexiness!

Gene: Yeah — wait, what?

Me: When can we get a John Cusack of our very own???

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