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Demote, denote, rote, dote

Posted by on December 19, 2011

Yesterday we spent some time at Christine and Adam’s house. While we were there, Christine whipped up THREE blended soups (potato-leek, broccoli-cheddar, and lentil, which was oddly my favorite) and a roasted leg of goat with a (homemade, naturally) pomegranate glaze and pomegranate gravy. As far as I can tell, these were random ideas that occurred to her as she went along. HOW DOES SHE DO THAT? You know what I can make spontaneously if people happen to be around my house at the dinner hour? Ramen.

Anyway, we sat around eating the very fine goat dinner and I said “I think this is the best goat I’ve had this year.”

“Whew!” Adam said. “We got in just under the wire.”

“I think you’re forgetting the goat sliders Michele made on the houseboat this summer,” Christine pointed out.

“Ooh, wait, THAT was my favorite goat of the year,” I said.

“I don’t know about that. This one has fruit,” Michele said.

“Yes, but the sliders were eaten on a boat,” I said. It’s true: you can’t beat a meal which follows a day spent lying very still on a boat in 110 degree weather, and which precedes a day spent lying very still on a boat in 110 degree weather. I mean, by MY standards, though not by the standards of normal people who were never genetically modified with lizard DNA by bad scientists in a lab. Adam calls this the Cave and Castle factor (or something like that); the idea being that any wine you drink in a fancy cave or castle-type winery will automatically taste better. So, too, do surroundings affect enjoyment of goat. And nothing beats a boat.

HOWEVER, if the pomegranate goat were eaten on a boat, or even in a castle, surrounded by a moat (though it wouldn’t be too tough to get it to a  boat if you put it in a tote and the tote you picked could float), you could shove it down your throat (but slow, avoiding bloat), crying “This cuisine is haute!” And then how could you promote tiny sliders made of goat versus goat in fruit compote? When they both deserve your vote?

In conclusion (and I quote): “Goat.”

(Jesus, I am sorry about this. I honestly don’t know what came over me; this was not my intention at the beginning of this post. I can’t even remember why I originally decided to write about this, but I’m just going to quit here, before it takes me over again.)

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